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through all your Cloud Apps

Need to find a doc, file, link or message ASAP?

Don't remember, where it was: Gmail, Slack, WA, Gdrive, etc.?

Stop hopping from app to app! Get info in one click from simple Meldesk search bar.

Access to

Shared Media from One Place

Meldesk sorts your staff from different Apps by type:

  • Pics
  • Docs
  • Links
  • Videos, etc.
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by keywords

& custom tags

Get the relevant information from the endless chain of e-mails and messages.

Get started

Search from

From computer, tablet, phone

using Meldesk:

  • Chrome extension
  • Web application
  • Mobile application

So, wherever you go, you can find what you need

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From fragmented data

to complete

Meldesk shows Search results
on the certain topic from different apps
on one single dashboard.

Use smart filters to get
sorted relevant data:

  • By person
  • By project
  • By custom tag

Be More Effective
with Meldesk

How it works


One click to
connect your apps
in the settings

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